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April issue out now

April issue out now

Finance companies and car dealers will have to wait until at least June for the government to tackle the “unintended consequences” caused by the new Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act.

Measures unveiled by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs last month and any more identified by the Council of Financial Regulators will be rolled out at the same time. The credit crunch will have to be navigated in the meantime.

Armacup Maritime Services and Toyofuji Shipping NZ have confirmed to Autofile that they will continue to bring battery EVs (BEVs) and plug-in hybrids to New Zealand.

The companies have made their positions known in the wake of reports of Mitsui OSK Lines suspending shipments of used BEVs.

Registrations of new commercials rocketed by 82.9 per cent year on year last month ahead of the full clean car discount’s launch, while new cars climbed by 11 per cent to 11,204. Used-imported cars more than doubled to 23,346 as dealers pre-registered stock ahead of April 1, and used commercials came in at 2,123 – up by 231.2 per cent.

VIA’s Malcolm Yorston warns the second of two deadlines is approaching for dealers to display EECA’s vehicle emissions and energy economy labels to ensure compliance with the clean car discount. From April 15, traders must have all existing stock carried over from March displaying the new labels. Plus: More advice for dealers.

Tony Everett, of the MTA, questions if industry representations made during the formative stages of changing the CCCFA were ever given adequate credence and delves into clean car issues. Plus:

Marques and franchises plough through a “massive amount of work” to adapt to the feebate scheme.

David Crawford is stepping down as the MIA’s chief executive in 2023. “I’ve really enjoyed working for the MIA and in the industry. The job involves everything from high-level strategic planning right down to the equivalent of doing dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.” 

Waka Kotahi has started consultation on an overhaul of regulatory fees and charges to plug a $100 million funding shortfall. In other news:

• EVs are among Opel’s line-up for this country with details about its dealer network to be unveiled this month. 

• Phil Hibbert, Protecta’s chief executive officer, on challenges the insurance industry has overcome since Covid-19.

• Armstrong’s has parked up plans to list on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges.

• Chris Lamers starts as MTF Finance’s new chief executive officer in May.

• Some 40 years of motoring history have ended with the March issue of Auto Trader being its final print edition.

• An extra option for treating imported vehicles to thwart stink bugs has been given the green light.

Plus: Long-time Subaru driver Ben Hunt switches to a Skoda Fabia R5 rally car, international racers returning to New Zealand, the most extensive statistics on the car industry and much more. 

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April issue out now
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