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June issue out now

June issue out now

A feebate scheme seems set to be revived to make electric vehicles (EVs) cheaper and those with internal combustion engines (ICEs) more expensive.

The government has released a green paper on a raft of potential policies, including banning the use of light vehicles powered by ICEs from our roads from 2050.
Industry organisations broadly support feebates, but VIA says plans to cut overall transport emissions seem set to fail because of a lack of model availability.

The MIA believes some form of incentive for consumers is needed to get more Kiwis to switch to EVs.

And the MTA says more emphasis is needed on tackling pollution caused by the existing fleet and in-service emissions testing should be on the agenda.

The MIA warns proposals to introduce a tougher emissions standard – known as Euro 6 – for new vehicles crossing the border from 2023 is too soon because it will limit the range of models many marques can bring in. Meanwhile, VIA is working with MoT over how the rules may change for used vehicles.

Wallis Dumper, of Subaru of NZ, says the government’s drive to EVs will create some real challenges. “I’m not sure if our current crop of politicians can actually read, but you don’t need to be a genius to work out 2025 is an impossible target to achieve their CO2 reductions.” 

• The MTA describes government enforcement against illegal car traders as “considerable”, but warns it is likely to be only “the tip of the iceberg”.

• Tony Gibson is stepping down as Ports of Auckland’s boss at the end of June. 

• The government is spending $13.1 million to buy or lease about 400 EVs for the state fleet.

• VIA’s Kit Wilkerson pushes the case for a universal carbon dividend to tackle emissions.

Plus: Profits boom for Turners and 2 Cheap Cars, Autohub’s Frank Willett on Biosecurity NZ changes and in-depth industry statistics.

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June issue out now
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