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June issue out now!

June issue out now!

Car dealers are bracing for demand to outstrip stock after a brisk return to business following the Covid-19 shutdown. Sales and enquiries are already up to about 60 per cent of the levels seen before government restrictions came into force, surpassing the industry’s expectations. VIA explains why if the activity seen at alert levels two and three continues, it may lead to a shortage of stock and says consumer confidence remains a key factor moving forward.

Autofile reveals how members of the automotive industry are raising flags with the government after China and South Korea exported stink bugs to New Zealand during the past high-risk season. The information – obtained by the magazine via an Official Information Act request – comes as the MPI wants to get tougher in its approach to biosecurity risks posed by the insects.

Trade Me vows that car dealers will be unaffected by an overhaul to its classifieds operations, which has resulted in motors, jobs and property becoming one division. The online platform says the service it provides companies will remain the same following the “tough decision” to change its business structure. 

As the world’s focus grows on electric vehicles, Vector has pulled together a group of experts to suggest ways batteries can be used once they are no longer needed in cars.

The MTA’s Tony Everett explains why it’s essential to follow Covid-19 rules as customers return, and AdTorque Edge’s Todd Fuller details why data is becoming more crucial than ever for dealers. Plus: VIA’s Kit Wilkerson on the circular economy, chaos at MotorSport NZ and in-depth industry statistics with cars being sold.

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June issue out now!
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Car dealers are bracing for demand to outstrip stock after a brisk return to business following the Covid-19 shutdown. Sales and enquiries are already up to about 60 per cent of the levels seen before

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