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March issue out now!

March issue out now!

Holden dealers will be individually discussing compensation packages, but the Motor Trade Association understands the level of these “at face value is fair”. Tony Everett, dealer sector manager, talks to Autofile about what’s happening across the country as the marque prepares to exit the market. 

“It seems the cost of retaining it in such a small market didn’t stack up,” says David Crawford, of the Motor Industry Association. “GM’s decision illustrates issues manufacturers face when specialising with one brand in a regional economy.” We take a closer look at the bigger – and global – picture.

Meanwhile, Holden NZ says it will stand by its products and customers when sales of its new vehicles end by 2021, while Autofile examines how Holden has been faring when it comes to new-vehicle sales on both sides of the Tasman.

Franchise holders in NZ are keeping their cards close to their chest as talks over exit packages continue, and Autofile talks to one who cancelled his contract with Holden.

Plus: A Holden dealership in Masterton has secured a franchise agreement with Hyundai NZ for the Wairarapa that was previously held by a competitor down the road, we examine how it will be hit, and Holden NZ’s sales statistics for February.

In other news, the NZTA is urging for dealers to get up to speed with its new vehicle safety-ratings system. The Safe Vehicles Programme aims to get more people into new and used cars with four or five stars, and make safety a top factor when making their next purchase.

The government is working to find a “compromise” to ensure the feebate scheme goes ahead after a political stoush threatened to derail the plans. NZ First has been blamed for stalling it, but the Greens are hopeful the proposal will still go ahead. 

Plans for New Zealand’s first nationwide hydrogen refuelling network are being backed by the Motor Industry Association as an important step towards a low-emissions transport sector. “We need to reduce emissions from our fleet and hydrogen can play an important role,” says chief executive David Crawford. 

Karol Abrasowicz-Madej, managing director of BMW Group NZ, reveals how fate led him into a career in the automotive industry and how getting his first car in his mid-20s was a dream come true.

PLUS: AdTorque Edge’s Todd Fuller on managing your online community, VIA’s Kit Wilkerson on why sustainability is the key to the future, and flights of fancy in the shape of concept vehicles and new technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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March issue out now!
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