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April issue: Standing with Christchurch

April issue: Standing with Christchurch

In this issue of Autofile, we talk to people in the automotive industry working in Christchurch in the aftermath of March 15’s tragic loss of life and how it has affected businesses in the city.

In other news, Trade’s Me takeover by Titan is backed by an overwhelming majority of shareholders, there are concerns are expressed about what effects the Upper North Island Supply Chain review may have on car imports, new stink-bug rules are being brought in and the latest from the NZTA.

We have an update and photos of Ports of Auckland’s new car-handling building – and how its construction will affect vehicle importers, and interviews with Haydon Paddon and the MTA’s Greig Epps.

Plus: Highlights from Geneva Car Show, what’s on the Commerce Commission’s agenda, features on electric vehicles, disputes, in-depth industry statistics and much more.

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April issue: Standing with Christchurch
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