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September issue out now

September issue out now

Industry organisations and service providers across the supply chain seem pleased about one thing – that the NZTA has made a decision on the way forward in regards to its conflicts of interest, which ends months of uncertainty. Autofile talks to some of the main players and examines the agency’s policy decision in detail.

Vehicles will fail their WOFs from next year unless compulsory recalls for alpha-type Takata airbags have been closed out by December 31. The systems in more than 64,000 of about 82,000 affected vehicles here have been replaced, but the NZTA – in making another big decision – says further action is needed to complete the process.

The MTA is calling for WOF testers’ powers to be extended so they can flag unsafe dangerous cars that shouldn’t be driven after failing inspections. “All too often, an inspector fails a vehicle and then watches the owner drive it away knowing it poses a serious risk,” says Graeme Swan, sector manager for repairs.

Dean Sheed, general manager of Audi NZ Zealand, has never regretted choosing an internship with Ford NZ and turning down a similar offer from IBM. He had just graduated at a time when big multi-national companies used to conduct recruitment drives at universities. He chats to Autofile about his career and the industry – past, present and future. 

VIA’s Kit Wilkerson has criticised proposals to reduce the environmental harm caused by cars. He says: “The stated justification for the government’s clean car policy is a dubious cost-benefit analysis, which is mostly unconvincing and – at times – outright disingenuous.”

Car-sharing operation Mevo has secured a government grant of $500,000 towards buying 100 EVs after securing co-funding from the low-emission vehicles contestable fund. The largest funding round so far will see 29 grant winners sharing $4.5 million.

Plus: We talk to Marcus Armstrong on his first race win at the Hungaroring in the “new” F3, the latest on Dermot Nottingham, new cars, disputes, great columnists and in-depth industry statistics – simply the best coverage around.

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September issue out now
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