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July issue out now

July issue out now

Autofile interviews one of the victims ripped off by two Kiwis operating in the UK as car dealers. Nicholas O’Neil, also known as Nic, and David Chandler have been jailed for fraud. They scammed about $650,000 from people for high-end cars, which never materialised. We also speak to the police in England about the case.

The consultation period on changes to rules for vehicles entering the country has been extended after a request from the Japanese government. Find out what it means in advance of the next stink-bug season.

In-depth investigation: Nissan NZ is set to make an announcement about software issues connected to batteries in some Leafs. 

Plus: Interview with rally legend Andrew Hawkeswood, progress on airbag recalls, Turners' market views and much more.

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July issue out now
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The industry will feel the full impact of electronic stability control (ESC) rule on the market by mid-2020, predicts Greg Hedgepeth, chief executive officer of Turners Cars. “End-users looking

Magazine09 Jan, 2020