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Limited supply of Solterra

Managing director describes shift to electrification as “an exciting new challenge”.
Posted on 15 February, 2024
Limited supply of Solterra

The boss of Subaru of New Zealand says he’s delighted to finally get Kiwis behind the wheel of its highly anticipated all-electric SUV.

The all-new Solterra boasts durability, advanced technology and more space, and sits size-wise roughly between a Forester and Outback.

“Like any vehicle in the past few years, there have been challenges to its long-anticipated arrival on our shores with production delays when the world stopped for a while, followed by shipping delays and intricacies that come with a joint venture,” says Wally Dumper, managing director of Subaru NZ.

“The Solterra embodies a significant step-change for Subaru as we continue our journey towards a more sustainable future for New Zealand and drive into a new era of the automotive industry – electrification.”

Dumper adds that we have never seen so much change in the industry than in the past five years.

“Hybrid and battery electric vehicles have taken the automotive world by storm, and shaken up what was a relatively consistent market, bringing a variety of government legislation, rebates and taxes in their wake,” he says.

“But this has been an exciting new challenge and, with the Solterra, we continue that step in the new direction.”

Staying true to Subaru’s DNA, the Solterra has all-wheel drive, while all-terrain prowess is enhanced by dual-function X-Mode, 210mm of ground clearance and intelligent safety features.

Coming in two variants – the Solterra, which starts at $79,990, and Solterra Touring with a recommended retail price $84,990 – Subaru’s all-electric offering includes a 12.3-inch touchscreen with satellite navigation, Safety Sense technology, wireless phone charging and a panoramic 360-degree view monitor.

Equipped with dual electric motors positioned at the front and rear, alongside a cutting-edge 71.4kW lithium-ion battery, the Solterra delivers a maximum power output of 160kW and 337Nm of torque and has a NEDC test range of 485km.

The SUV has AC and DC-charging capability. Charging from 20 to 80 per cent via a 150kW DC charger takes around 30 minutes. Via a single phase 7kW AC charger, 20 to 80 per cent takes some seven to eight hours.

The Solterra not only marks the debut of a Subaru battery electric vehicle (BEV) in New Zealand, but also represents the beginning of increased diversification in the marque’s line-up that will include additional hybrid and BEV models in the future.

Dumper adds: “Given the incredibly high demand for these vehicles globally, supply in New Zealand is strictly limited so those who want to drive into the battery electric future with Subaru needs to secure theirs swiftly.”