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Half of region’s vehicles fail WOF

MTA raises road safety fears as Waikato notches unwanted record.
Posted on 05 March, 2021
Half of region’s  vehicles fail WOF

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) is calling for transport officials to take urgent action after warrant of fitness (WOF) failures hit 50 per cent in Waikato during February.

Graeme Swan, sector manager repairers, says it has had concerns about the high failure rate in the region for a number of years but it has now reached an “alarming level”.

“In February half of the cars presented for a warrant of fitness test in the Waikato failed their initial check,” he explains.

“That’s the first time any region has hit the 50 per cent fail figure. It’s a record no-one wants and a statistic that can’t be ignored.”

He notes since regional reporting began in March 2016, the first-time failure rate of vehicles being presented for a WOF in Waikato has grown from 42 per cent to last month’s record high of 50 per cent.

There were 33,813 vehicles inspected for a WOF in the region during February 2021. Of those, 16,778 failed the inspection first time with 17,035 vehicles passing.

Swan adds the failure rate, combined with the high number of road deaths on Waikato roads and the increasing number of vehicle factors being reported in fatal and serious injury crashes, raises serious concerns about the state of vehicle maintenance in the region.

He says little appears to have been done to help reduce WOF failures in Waikato despite the MTA regularly raising the matter.

“We’re deeply concerned, as should be the people of the Waikato, the Minister of Transport and his officials.

“If they’re committed to the Road to Zero safety strategy these failures simply cannot be ignored any longer.

“It’s time for action. MTA is prepared to help in any way we can.”