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Grown-up shows kid how to race toy supercar

FRIDAY FUNNY: McLaren targets the next generation of drivers at an early age. PLUS – video 
Posted on 22 January, 2021
Grown-up shows kid how to race toy supercar

Most car enthusiasts would love to throw down a few hot laps in a supercar, but possibly one bigger than the focus of this advert.

McLaren unveiled a micro-sized 720S with this entertaining video featuring a grown-up showing a four-year-old boy how to tackle a race circuit in the ride-on vehicles.

While the adult can barely squeeze into his vehicle, the youngster is a perfect fit for the car that replaces the twin-turbocharged, 700-plus horsepower V8 of a standard 720S with a fully-electric motor.

The advert from mid-2019 says “nowadays everyone says racing drivers need to start young” before the pair hit the track. 

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