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Ford’s ute to remain ‘core’ model

Marque expects to hit emissions targets under clean car programme despite strong consumer demand for its next-generation Ranger. 
Posted on 04 August, 2022
Ford’s ute to remain ‘core’ model

Ford New Zealand is confident it will meet its average emissions targets under the government’s clean car standard over the coming years despite its Ranger ute making up a substantial chunk of annual sales.

Simon Rutherford, managing director, says the carbon dioxide (CO2) figures of the next-generation Ranger will be offset by other, lower-emitting vehicles it plans to bring into the country.

His comments came during a media launch of the new Ranger when he revealed the model has already attracted 5,055 orders, despite some variants facing the maximum $5,175 penalty under the clean car discount scheme.

When the clean car standard, which is due to be implemented from January 1, kicks in importers will also face charges unless they meet average CO2 targets that will get tougher on an annual basis.

Rutherford, pictured, says Ford NZ believes it can achieve compliance with the new rules even though the Ranger will remain a “core” product for the marque.

“Despite the V6 mix going up, we’re confident because we’ve done the homework out to 2031,” he tells Driven.

“We will proportionally reduce on Ranger as we get some of the other products in, but … we still expect it to continue to be our core product.”

He suggests the Ranger could make up 60 per cent of Ford NZ volume under the clean car standard targets because vehicles such as the Puma and Focus mild hybrids, an Escape hybrid and the forthcoming Mustang Mach-E will help bring CO2 averages down.