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DriveShare - the AirBnB of Classic Cars

Want to drive an old 911 this weekend? A DeLorean? Or a Pontiac GTO? DriveShare is the app for you.
Posted on 08 February, 2018
DriveShare - the AirBnB of Classic Cars

Recently launched by Hagerty, the DriveShare app has modelled itself as the “AirBnB of vintage cars.” If you’re an owner you can set a price and stipulations for people to rent your vehicle, and if you’re looking to spend a day or two with something special you simply enter your location and peruse the 600 cars offered. The database is searchable by geographic location, category of car (hot rod, classic car or muscle car, for example), price and special features. With cars like Ford Mustangs, Porsche 911s, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and even a Zimmer Golden Spirit in its database, motoring fans are likely to be in car heaven when it comes to using DriveShare. "We think this might be the future of the vintage-car world," Hagerty Chief Executive McKeel Hagerty said to the Los Angeles Times. "This is an entry point for the next generation, who may not be familiar with vintage cars, and it's also an entry point for a prospective owner who can't quite afford the cost of a vintage vehicle." The median DriveShare transaction rate is $275 a day, with prices based on the age, rarity and condition of each vehicle. Hagerty is providing insurance up to $1 million, comprehensive roadside assistance, and it has a screening process for each member before any keys change hands.