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Companies working on resolving differences

Autoterminal NZ and IBC Japan have issued a joint statement “to clarify any inaccuracies or misinformation circulating regarding the relationship between”.
Posted on 22 January, 2019
Companies working on resolving differences

Two prominent companies operating in the automotive supply chain are working together to “resolve differences” between them.

A joint media statement issued by Autoterminal NZ and IBC Japan on January 22 aims “to clarify any inaccuracies or misinformation currently circulating” regarding the relationship between them.

“Autoterminal NZ and IBC are currently seeking to resolve differences that have arisen between them on a number of issues,” say Jojo Hemi and Mike Tyler, the chief executive officers of IBC Japan and Autoterminal NZ respectively.

In the meantime, Autoterminal NZ is setting up its own supply chain and IBC Japan is supplying to customers in New Zealand directly. 
When imported vehicles are purchased from either company, “customers can be confident they will continue to receive the full service and quality they have come to expect”. 

Both Autoterminal NZ and IBC Japan say they will do everything possible to cause the least impact on clients and ask for “customers’ understanding and support during this period”.

The companies’ statement adds that for more than 20 years, Autoterminal NZ – operating under IBC NZ trade name – and IBC have worked together, and “have gained a strong reputation in New Zealand for customer service and high-quality vehicles, as well as being recognised as people who know the market and are easy to deal with”. 

About the two companies

According to its website, Autoterminal NZ is part of the AutoTerminal Group – “a global distributor of used vehicles mainly from Japan”. It operates as a wholesaler serving registered motor-vehicle traders with branches located nationwide. It sells cars, vans and SUVs with a downloadable inventory list of more than 360 units, which comply with NZ vehicle standards, are VIN complied, WOF-ed and MR2A ready.

IBC Japan’s website states it’s a “world leader” in the vehicle-export industry, specialising in developing and implementing vehicle procurement, export management and customer service technology. It provides online export services, including purchasing, price negotiation, logistics, shipping and customer service. Its online services are supported by staff in Japan and a worldwide network of regional centres.