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Commercials battle for top spot

July’s figures see the Toyota Hilux overtake the Ford Ranger in the year-to-date standings.
Posted on 01 August, 2022
Commercials battle for top spot

There were 3,050 new commercials registered last month, which was down 39.7 per cent when compared with 5,058 in July 2021. 

Toyota’s Hilux, pictured, was the top model with 957 units, an 18.4 per cent increase from 808 in the same month a year ago. 

In second spot was the Ford Ranger on 580 registrations, which was down 59.1 per cent from 1,418 units, and Mitsubishi’s Triton was third with 179, a drop of 63.4 per cent from 489 last July.

The latest figures have pushed the Hilux to the top of the charts for the year-to-date with 5,739 registrations and a 20 per cent share of the market.

Next is the Ranger on 5,476 and 19 per cent, and the Triton on 4,641 units and 16.1 per cent.

On the marques’ ladder, Toyota was number-one in July with 1,121 registrations, up 4.4 per cent from 1,074 units a year ago, and a market share of 36.8 per cent.

Ford’s 595 registrations last month were down 61.5 per cent from July 2021, while Mitsubishi was third on 241.

Toyota also leads the way year to date with 6,989 registrations and a market share of 24.3 per cent. Ford is second with 5,770 and 20.1 per cent and Mitsubishi is third on 4,983 and 17.3 per cent.

Used market drops

As for used-imported commercials, there were 409 registered in July compared to 621 in the same month last year for a decrease of 34.1 per cent.

Toyota’s Hiace was the leading model on 95 registrations and a market share of 23.2 per cent. However, the number of units was down 45.1 per cent from 173 registrations in the previous July.

The Hino Dutro was next on 31, up 40.9 per cent from 22 units over the same period, and the Nissan NV350 and Toyota Dyna both clocked 26 registrations.

The Hiace is the leading model year to date with 1,284 sales and a 25.6 per cent market share, and the Nissan NV350 is second on 819 units and 16.4 per cent.

Toyota was the top marque last month with 148 registrations, a 39.6 per cent drop from 245 a year ago, followed by Nissan with 72 units and Hino on 46.

Year to date, Toyota has 1,776 registrations and a 35.5 per cent market share. Nissan is next on 1,340 and 26.8 per cent, with Hino third on 415 and 8.3 per cent.