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CCS under scrutiny

Minister takes action ahead of time after ordering review of scheme targeting new and used vehicle importers.
Posted on 19 January, 2024
CCS under scrutiny

Officials at the Ministry of Transport have started a review of the clean car standard (CCS) as the government seeks to make sure the scheme cuts transport emissions while still allowing the automotive industry to grow.

Simeon Brown, Minister of Transport, has moved swiftly by directing ministry staff to take a close look at the CCS now, which is well ahead of the legislative requirement for the policy’s targets to be reviewed by June this year.

The Motor Industry Association (MIA) and Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (VIA) have welcomed the decision after both previously called for a rethink of the scheme’s settings to be a priority of the coalition government. 

The CCS came into force in January 2023 and importers incur a credit or a charge for new and used light vehicles brought into the country based on their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Annual targets for passenger and commercial vehicles are set in legislation until 2027 but many in the automotive industry have voiced concern the rate those figures decrease each year is too steep.

Brown, who has overseen the axeing of the clean car discount since becoming Minister of Transport in November, says the government supports the CCS.

He adds the standard’s regulations need to deliver available and affordable vehicles to the New Zealand market, while also reducing emissions of the light vehicle fleet.