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BMW tease new M5 ahead of release

Posted on 17 May, 2017

BMW have released more details for the six-generation M5 sedan, which includes an all-new M xDrive system and updated engine. Engineers claim the turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine matched to an eight-speed M Streptronic transmission outperforms previous models. Higher injection pressure, new turbochargers, more powerful lubrication and cooling systems have boosted engine capacity, although power specifications have yet to be released. Fuel consumption has been rated at 10.5 l/100km. BMW says the transmission keeps fuel consumption low by offering a wide spread of gear ratios. Drivers have the selection of three shift programmes as well as manual gear paddles on the steering wheel. The M xDrive system has completely overhauled the transmission configuration. The new M5 will come fitted with a standard all-wheel drive transmission for the first time, with the front wheels only activated when the rear wheels are unable to deliver further power and traction is required. The all-wheel drive transmission can also be completely deactivated for a completely rear-wheel drive system. Drivers can also choose from five different configurations of the DSC modes (DSC on, MDM, DSC off) and M xDrive modes (4WD, 4WD Sport, 2WD), with the vehicle defaulting to a 4WD mode with DSC on when the engine starts. The new M5 is due to hit the European market later on in the year, and a spokesman for BMW New Zealand says full details of a New Zealand launch will be announced in due course.