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Best Valentine's day for two Holden lovers

Posted on 14 February, 2018

Today, Taranaki couple Steve and Joy Fabish received a surprise valentine from an international ‘admirer’, Barry Engle; Executive Vice President and President, General Motors International.
A brand-new Holden Commodore valued at $70,000 was delivered to the couple’s residence in New Plymouth by four times Bathurst Champion Greg Murphy, along with a letter which read: Dear Steve and Joy, Happy Valentine’s Day. When I heard about how much you love Holden, I wanted you to know that Holden loves you too. Holden and Kiwis ‘go way back’ (as you like to say) and I think we’ve got an exciting future together. Enjoy the drive, this brand-new Commodore is yours to keep. You’re the first New Zealanders to own one. I arrive in the country tomorrow and I’d love to hear what you think of your new Holden. Best Wishes, Barry Engle; Executive Vice President and President, GM International. The car enthusiasts established a Holden Museum dedicated to celebrating the history of the vehicles in New Zealand on their property last year. Steve Fabish says the couple were overwhelmed by the gift. “I can’t believe it. I’ve got tears in my eyes,” he said. Mr. Engle will be visiting New Zealand for the first time on February 15th when he will meet Steve and Joy Fabish.