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Arrival date for petrol Mini

Two variants of the Cooper slated to arrive on our shores in 2024’s third quarter.
Posted on 16 February, 2024
Arrival date for petrol Mini

The petrol-powered C and S variants of the Mini Cooper are set to arrive in New Zealand in the third quarter of this year.

The fully electric version arrived here in 2023 and not much has changed on the outside, except for the front end’s octagonal grille and its two inlets for cooling.

There will be two engines to choose from with the C having a three-cylinder that produces 115kW of power and 230Nm of torque. 

Meanwhile, a 150kW and 300Nm four-cylinder in the S means that the hatchback can make the 0-100kph sprint in 6.6 seconds.

Safety and driver-assistance features include lane-keep assist, automatic speed and distance control, and safe-exit function that warns occupants of approaching road users before a door is opened.

There’s a round 240mm OLED display on the dashboard for vehicle-related information in addition to controlling the infotainment functions.

The screen sits above Mini’s button bar which controls the parking brake, gear selection, start-stop and volume control among others.

Locally offered models will come in four different trim levels, while pricing and specification will be announced later this year.