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Waiheke Island to be electrified

Vector to help Waiheke Island become the world's first fully electrified island.
Posted on 16 August, 2019
Waiheke Island to be electrified

Vector is pleased to learn that its submission for co-funding of a range of smart chargers on Waiheke Island has been approved by the government's Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund (LEVCF), administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

The grant will enable Vector to install and manage at least 80 EV 7.2kW smart chargers in homes across Waiheke Island, along with ten 7.2kW public EV chargers and one mobile EV charger.

Vector’s GM Product, Technology and Innovation, Cristiano Marantes said: "We are really pleased to have received this grant from EECA. The funding will support us to put in place the technology needed to support Waiheke’s goal of becoming the world’s first fully-electric island.

"Residents will be offered the ability to use smart, network-ready EV chargers as well as access public charging infrastructure for the first time, as there are currently no public EV chargers on Waiheke. Using smart EV charging technology will enhance network resilience and avoid the addition of costly and disruptive traditional network infrastructure."

Waiheke currently receives its electricity from two 6km long marine cables. With the numbers of EVs on the island having doubled between December 2018 and June 2019 to over 100, and six electric buses due to arrive in 2020, this new technology will better manage the expected surges in network demand from increased EV uptake.

Auckland mayor Phil Goff said, "This initiative will make owning or using electric vehicles on Waiheke more viable for more people, including visitors from the mainland, and will increase the resilience of the network as adoption increases. With around 40 per cent of our greenhouse gas emissions coming from transport, EVs are critical to helping reduce our carbon emissions and achieve our carbon zero target.

"Together with the new electric buses, we are working towards the vision of Waiheke becoming pollution and carbon emission-free. This initiative is a great step towards that vision."

The chargers will be placed in private and public spaces. The exact breakdown and details will be determined in consultation with the local community.