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OPTIMUS announces ownership of NZ auto firms

Posted on 24 July, 2017

Japanese holding company, OPTIMUS Group Co., Limited today confirmed to staff and stakeholders that it collectively owns several major companies in the auto service industry in Japan and New Zealand. OPTIMUS is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and comprises of over 20 companies operating in 30 countries in vehicle export, transportation, inspections, servicing, sales and finance. The group is made of four distinct divisions – inspections, logistics, service and trading. Although the holding company has been in existence since January 2015, it has only today announced its ownership of these various companies. Within New Zealand, OPTIMUS has revealed it owns numerous businesses, including VINZ, JEVIC, NCC Car Carriers, FastTrack Automotive Compliance, Auto Finance Direct, and Nichibo. The board of six directors, according to the OPTIMUS corporate website, which launched today, includes Damon Jackson, director of JEVIC and VINZ, Robert Young, managing director of Nichibo, and Martin McCullough, director of NCC Car Carriers. President Nobuya Yamanaka said that OPTIMUS has “made the effort to maintain transparency in our business practice” on the newly-launched website, and the company will “continue to strive for fairness in our business endeavour.” A statement by OPTIMUS presented to staff and stakeholders said the companies will be “better placed to respond to the continuing global pressure to modernise fleets to take advantage of new technologies, and the group structure will enable individual companies to manage transitions smoothly with training, equipment and inspection services as new technologies come on-stream.” OPTIMUS has stressed that day-to-day business within the companies will continue as normal, existing contracts and business arrangements will apply, and that there will operationally be no change.