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Nissan delivers 300,000th LEAF

Posted on 09 January, 2018

Nissan announced today that the company has sold its 300,000th Nissan LEAF globally since the model was first introduced to the market back in 2010. The 100% electric LEAF is both the world's first mass-produced and best-selling electric car. It is also New Zealand’s most popular EV. "These numbers prove that the Nissan LEAF remains the most advanced car in the world, with the widest reach and the greatest availability," said Nissan Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci. "The new Nissan LEAF is the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility because it delivers an even more exciting drive and enhanced ownership experience and contributes to a better world. It will take Nissan's EV leadership even further."  The LEAF also topped Consumer NZ’s latest car reliability survey for 2017, with just four per cent of LEAFs in the survey having a major reliability problem that caused significant repair costs or time off the road. However, the majority of LEAF owners, 97 percent, were very satisfied with the electric car.  Nissan launched a fully redesigned version of the LEAF in September 2017. The new Leaf offers a range of 400 km, a 33 per cent increase on the 2017 model. It will have 110 kW of power output and 320 Nm of torque a large increase in power from the current model Leaf, which has an output of 90 horse power and 254Nm of torque. The car will go on sale October 2 in Japan. Though with only imported second hand Leaf EVs available for sale on the New Zealand market, it could be some time before we see the 2018 model on our roads.