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Motorcentral launches new car search site

Posted on 30 October, 2017

Christchurch based software company, Motorcentral, have launched a new website designed to help you find your next car easier. Need A Car ( allows customers to search more than 22,000 cars throughout New Zealand. Using more than fifty different variables, such as colour, safety features and fuel economy, Shane Breckon, project lead, believes its ‘the easiest and most comprehensive car search in the market”. Setting Need A Car out from the rest, it also has a built-in “lifestyle search” which can match vehicles to people based on their individual lifestyle. It allows users to figure out what car might best fit their need and “to get introduced to cars they may not have known existed,” adds Breckon. Customers can also apply for finance, get accurate quotes on additional products like delivery and insurances and be alerted when the price of a vehicle drops. Unlike other car-search websites, the vehicles featured on Need A Car are from trusted dealers only, which allows for “greater protection for consumers” states Breckon. The site also displays feedback from more than 7,000 recent car buyers via Motorcentral’s BuyerScore system, including comments on the customer service being received from dealers. The Need A Car website currently has 22,000 vehicles for sale from more than 400 dealers.