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Meridian partnership

Posted on 12 December, 2016

Meridian has partnered with Mevo, New Zealand’s first electric-hybrid car share service. Neal Barclay, general manager retail for Meridian says Meridian’s role in the electric car market is all about demonstrating the benefits of going electric and supporting drivers with great rates and infrastructure. “With over 80% of the electricity generated in New Zealand coming from wind and water, encouraging the use of these types of vehicles can only help reduce emissions as the electric-hybrid and electric car market grows.” Mevo founder and CEO Erik Zydervelt says the company is putting its customers behind the "latest and safest in plug-in hybrid car technology with the use of Audi A3 Sportback e-tron®.” Mevo is currently available in three locations within Wellington City, however the company has plans to expand its Wellington offering further, as well as branching out to Auckland.