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EVs and hybrid vehicles reach 3m worldwide

Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles units have reached 3 million worldwide. 
Posted on 07 March, 2018

Numbers of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are only going to get bigger, as they are at the top of the priority list for auto manufacturers. EV Volumes has predicted that there could be 5 million EVs and hybrid vehicles worldwide by the end of 2018. Countries like China and Norway are reigning the leader board in terms of how many plug-in vehicles are on their roads. China had an impressive 184,000 plug-in vehicles in 2017, a 15 per cent increase from 2016 (28,000 units). One third of vehicle sales are plug-in models in Norway, which will rise to 40 per cent thanks to Norway’s government incentives and subsidies to reach carbon neutral targets. The electric fleet in New Zealand is also growing exponentially with a whopping 6,884 EVs and hybrids recorded in February 2018.