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Courageous Ace heads to Wellington

The latest update has been released on progress of the Mitsui Osk Line (MOL) car carriers; the Courageous Ace, the Cougar Ace and the Euro Spirit. 
Posted on 12 April, 2018

The Courageous Ace is currently heading towards Wellington with the estimated arrival time of April 14. The vessel will then travel to Lyttelton and then Nelson.  The vessel is also carrying vehicles from the Cougar Ace and the Euro Spirit (Nelson only).  The updated schedule is as follows: The Courageous Ace  Wellington - April 14 Lyttelton - April 15 Nelson - April 16.    Lyttelton Port Strikes The Rail and Marine Transport Union (RMTU) have announced strike action in Lyttelton starting April 20 and ending midnight on April 24.  Lyttelton Port Company have further advised that the RMTU have issued additional strike notice from April 26 ending midnight on April 29.