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Car yard fire in Auckland

A fire at DNA Motors' car yard in Panmure is under control but caused havoc for motorists.
Posted on 06 March, 2018

Dmitry Mayorov, director of DNA Motors in Panmure, told Autofile, "an early commuter noticed smoke coming from the building, around 7am on March 6 and called the fire service." “There was an electrical fault in the roof. Luckily someone saw smoke coming from the roof and called the fire service so the damage was not as bad as it could have been.” He says one car was damaged when the ceiling caught fire and fell into the building. “The fire service says it is ‘medium damage’ to the building. There will be a lot of work to clean it up. We have spent half the day cleaning and securing the building.” He says the fire comes on the back of a burglary attempt the night before. “Lots of people were rubbernecking and taking photos. It slowed down the morning commute for many people.” The NZ Transport Agency said traffic was backing up on most of Auckland's city-bound motorways because of the fire, and other crashes and breakdowns.  But the fire hasn’t closed the yard, Mayorov says it’s business as usual for the dealership.