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Autofile: November issue, out now

Posted on 14 November, 2017

Here’s a look at some of the industry movements we’ve been following over the past month. Two leading organisations in the automotive sector have ruled out a possible merger even though they are now formally working together more. Simon Bridges, former Minister of Transport, describes his focus on electric vehicles as one part of the “big rational” for tackling climate change. “We gave it a good nudge and new direction.” The Motor Industry Association has yet to decide if it will submit an application to access certain information from the Motor Vehicle Register. Moyes Motor Group in Panmure is closing after three decades. Find out what the site can be used for in future as Auckland’s rumour mill goes into overdrive. Plus: Regional report on Auckland, Malcolm Yorston at Tokyo Motor Show, great columnists, disputes and the best industry statistics section in town. Read the November issue of Autofile