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Association being formed

Posted on 05 September, 2016

The auto industry in New Zealand is about to see a new association formed to represent members in the area of technology and transactional data, with the formation of the National Auto Industry Technology Association (NAITA). The association is being formed by three large players in this sector, Limelight Software (Motorcentral), TSI Group and Auto Play. Collectively these three companies represent more than 1,000 dealerships of both new and used vehicles and more than 2,500 aftermarket clients. Membership will be initially available to the AutoPlay, TSI Group and Motorcentral networks, as well as corporate suppliers to the industry. Eventually, it is intended that all technology suppliers to the auto industry will become members. Mark Greenfield, general manager of Limelight Software (Motorcentral) says that while other associations in the industry do an outstanding job for their members and the sectors they represent, the rapidly increasing use of technology and data means there is now a need for an association to provide total industry representation from a technology and data perspective. “As technology companies directly serving the industry we are on the front line of this need every day, and feedback from our clients is that they want representation – for the benefit of all - between them, the public, the government and other bodies”. NAITA’s initial aims include advising and assisting members and the broader industry with: Standardisation – Encouraging the adoption of connectivity standards between suppliers/service providers. Creating standard vehicle classifications and improving the consistency of data. This will lead to efficiencies at every stage of a vehicle’s life from OEM to aftermarket to eventual recycling, reducing costs to businesses and the end consumer along the way. Compliance – Assisting with legislative requirements, especially those involving transactional data at the point of sale. Liaising with government and other bodies on appropriate access and how this can be achieved and managed. Liaison/An Independent Voice – Helping the government/NZTA and other bodies to understand the needs of the industry, especially the uses of transactional data at point of sale for best access and efficiency without compromising data security. Building an independent point of data collection and aggregation for use by the industry (with the aim of enhancing the benefits of purchasing within the industry dealer networks). Training/Influence – Supporting and innovating national and global standards. Using technology to create and develop genuine value for the public purchasing from the industry rather than privately. NAITA will be applying to the NZTA for access to the Motor Vehicle Register as a representative body.