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Vehicles and parts sales down

According to the latest figures from Stats NZ, wholesale sales values for motor vehicles and parts, including cars are trucks, fell 3.6 per cent ($98 million) in the September 2017 quarter, after a 4.0 per cent rise ($104 million) rise in the June 2017 quarter. 

Wholesale trade statistics measure the sale or resale of new or used goods to retailers, including businesses or institutional users (including government).

“Although the sales fell in motor vehicle and parts wholesaling, stocks continued to build up in the September quarter,” Ms Chapman said.

Actual wholesale vehicle and parts stocks were up 26 per cent.  

The retail trade survey for the September 2017 quarter showed that motor vehicles and parts sales also dipped slightly from previous quarters.

Even though wholesale values for vehicles and parts were down, the overall wholesale trade values in the September 2017 quarter rose 1.1 percent ($288 million) in the September 2017 quarter, after a 1.6 percent ($389 million) rise in the June 2017 quarter.

The September increase was the sixth consecutive quarterly increase, with four of the six wholesaling industries rising in the September quarter.

Out of these four the largest industry increase was in grocery, liquor, and tobacco wholesaling, up 2.8 percent ($218 million) from the June 2017 quarter. 

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Trade sales rise

Wholesale trade sales rose again in the September 2016 quarter, after rising in the June 2016 quarter.

Seasonally adjusted total sales were up one percent in the latest quarter, after rising 1.7 percent in the June 2016 quarter and falling 0.2 percent in the March 2016 quarter.

“The September quarter’s rise in total wholesaling was led by agriculture products and motor vehicles,” business indicators senior manager Neil Kelly said.

When adjusted for seasonal effects, five of the six wholesaling industries rose in the September 2016 quarter when compared with the June 2016 quarter.

Motor vehicle and motor-vehicle parts were one of the biggest sectors, which were up 3.7 per cent ($87 million), with machinery and equipment up by 1.7 per cent ($79 million).

The trend for wholesale trade sales has generally been increasing since late 2009.

The actual value of wholesale trade sales was $24.2 billion in the latest quarter, up $564 million (2.4 percent) from the September 2015 quarter.

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