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ITS – examples of systems

Information about traffic conditions can be used to manage networks and optimise vehicle movements. The NZTA operates three traffic operations centres – in Auckland with Auckland Transport, Wellington and Christchurch. These monitor conditions and allow operators to intervene, for example, by adjusting signals to maximise efficiency. In the future,developing integrated systems is envisaged. Increased levels of monitoring using cheap new sensors and data from smartphones are likely. (more…)

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ITS – planning for the future

The government is hoping its action plan for intelligent transport systems (ITS) will help make transport safer by identifying what’s needed for New Zealand to advance the introduction of the technology. (more…)

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ITS – govt actions for 2014-18

The government’s action plan on intelligent transportation systems (ITS) identifies what it needs to do in the areas of leadership, strategic direction and collaboration. (more…)

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ITS – system for driver safety

A system that changes traffic-light cycles so ambulances aren’t forced to run red lights is being rolled out across Queensland with drivers calling for it to be mandatory in every state. (more…)

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ITS – driver distraction issues

A vehicle communication system is using pedestrians’ smartphones to alert drivers when they could be crossing paths. The system – developed by Mazda and the University of Tokyo – has already been trialled on tram communication systems in Japan. (more…)

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Driving Kiwi transport network

Electronic wizardry embracing intelligent transport systems (ITS) is already driving this country’s network and there will be more opportunities for them to be applied when solutions are developed. (more…)

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Kiwi ITS tackles speedsters

Studies on variable speed-limit technology on New Zealand’s roads show it’s helping reduce the risk of fatalities. (more…)

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ITS: Spotlight on acquisition

One of biggest business stories and talking points of the ITS Asia Pacific Forum was the recent acquisition of Transdyn by Kapsch TrafficCom.

This enables Kapsch TrafficCom to offer an extended end-to-end product and solution portfolio for intelligent transportation systems to customers.

Jim Montgomery, of Transdyn, highlighted the strengths represented by both companies and explained examples where they were already working well together.

When asked about the development, Soren Tellegen, managing director of Kapsch TrafficCom Australia, replied: “We are excited by the new opportunities, particularly as the development will further strengthen our relationship with NZTA.”


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ITS: Insights on systems

Transport leaders from around the world have provided insights as to how they view intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and the value they see it bringing to the networks in their own countries. (more…)

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