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Important compliance update

All used MA vehicles (passenger cars) with engine capacity greater than 2 litres that are border-checked on or after 1 March will be required to have ESC as OEM equipment.

Following intensive research, VIA has now produced lists of makes and models that either:
a)    definitely do not comply (Red list)
b)    definitely comply (Green list), or
c)    require further research (Amber list). 

Vehicles on the Amber list may be fitted with a range of stability control technologies, but only some of these manufactured prior to 2006 will meet NZTA’s ESC requirements (available on the NZTA website).

If a vehicle is identified as requiring further investigation, the importer should ensure that it is physically inspected prior to purchase. 
View the full ESC compliance list here

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ESC for Toyota Land Cruiser

‘VSC OFF’ on the 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser’s dashboard’s display.

The VIA, (the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association), has been contacted by several members as to whether the 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser has electronic stability control, (ESC).

The VIA has found that to identify vehicle stability control, (VSC), which is recognised by the NZTA as ESC, the vehicle needs to be put into low ratio 4WD and moved before the warning “VSC OFF” will come up on the dashboard’s display.

If this display comes up, the vehicle is ESC-equipped and compliant.

For any questions on this or any other ESC-related issue, please contact Technical Manager Malcolm Yorston on 0800 VIA VIA (842 842) or email technical@via.org.nz.

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IMVIA gathers data

The Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (IMVIA) has put out a reminder regarding the next phase of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) implementation.


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VW commits to EU fixes

Volkswagen Group has pledged to fix all cars equipped with illegal defeat devices in Europe by late 2017, says Automotive News. (more…)

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ESC timetable announced

Michael Woodhouse, the Associate Transport Minister, has announced the timetable to introduce mandatory electronic stability control (ESC) for cars imported to New Zealand. (more…)

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Industry ESC submissions

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) and Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (IMVIA) are supporting a new timescale for mandatory electronic stability (ESC) for vehicles crossing the border submitted to the government by the Motor Industry Association (MIA). (more…)

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Staggered dates ‘pragmatic’

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) says the government’s announcement to make ESC mandatory follows many other countries and will bring New Zealand into line with industry best practice. It believes the staggered introduction being taken by Michael Woodhouse, Associate Minister of Transport, is pragmatic and sensible. (more…)

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Road map for rule change

Public consultation on the draft amendment for the roll-out of compulsory electronic stability control (ESC) will start in early March. The amended rule is expected to be signed by Michael Woodhouse, Associate Minister for Transport, in early July. (more…)

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Guide to crash avoidance system

Electronic stability control (ESC) is a crash-prevention system. It intervenes to help drivers retain control if the vehicle loses traction. Some marques have different names, such as automatic stability control, dynamic stability control, electronic stability programme, vehicle dynamic control and vehicle skid control. (more…)

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Staggered ESC timetable

Electronic stability control (ESC) will be mandatory on used imported passenger cars from January 2018 with used SUVs having to comply two years before that. (more…)

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Commercial vehicle fears

davidcrawfordThe Motor Industry Association (MIA) is concerned about the July 2015 deadline for the mandatory introduction of electronic stability control (ESC) on light commercials in the NA class vehicles crossing the border. (more…)

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