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Car carriers arrive in Singapore

An update has been released on progress of the Mitsui Osk Line (MOL) car carriers; Glovis Caravel and Courageous Ace, both car carriers were sent to Singapore due to the risk of entering New Zealand with possible stink bug infestations.

The Courageous Ace has arrived into Singapore as planned and has begun discharge and treatment procedures. The Glovis caravel is due to arrive in Singapore later today and will carry out the same procedure. 

The treatment process

Once cargo is discharged, any remaining Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) and or, Yellow Spotted Stink Bugs (YSSB) will come out of hibernation and emerge from cargo, no longer posing a risk.

All discharged units will be washed, checked with insecticide applied according to MPI advisory dated 23rd February 2018. 

Both the Courageous Ace and Glovis Caravel will also be cleaned, with insecticide applied through fogging.

After this, the both vessels will reload all units and resume their voyage back to New Zealand.

The Courageous Ace will depart Singapore on approximately the 24th of March and will arrive in Auckland around the 4th-6th of April. The Glovis Caravel will depart on the 27th and arrive on the 7th-9th of April.

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Positive news for drifting car carriers

Mitsuki Osk Lines (MOL) has revealed a tentative plan for the return of the Courageous Ace and the Glovis Caravel to New Zealand.
Courageous Ace
  • Currently drifting off Brisbane.
  • The car carrier will be fogged at sea by a fumigation company in Brisbane.
  • The time frame of the procedure is to be determined due swells from Cyclone Gita.
  • On completion of the fogging, the Courageous Ace will sail for Auckland. 
  • On arrival in Auckland the vessel will be accessed for Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs 
    (BMSB) and Yellow Spotted Stink Bugs (YSSB) by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).

Current location of the Courageous Ace – MarineTraffic

Glovis Caravel
  • The vessel is currently drifting North, off the Noumea coast.
  • Vessel will be fogged by a fumigation company either off the Brisbane coast or the Auckland coast.
  • On completion of fogging the Glovis Caravel V.16A will sail for or berth in Auckland
  • On arrival Auckland vessel will be accessed for BMSB/YSSB by MPI. 

Current location of the Glovis Caravel – MarineTraffic

MOL have also released a tentative vessel schedule for both car carriers, subject to weather conditions and MPI approval:


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