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Update on MOL affected vessels

An update has been released on progress of the Mitsui Osk Line (MOL) car carriers delayed by the discovery of BMSB.

 Courageous Ace

The Courageous Ace has been fogged in Brisbane and MOL is currently making plans to send the vessel down to Auckland.

The vessel may undergo another round of fogging on arrival, however it is up to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to decide what process it has to go through.

Current location of the Courageous Ace

Glovis Caravel

Glovis Caravel is currently moored outside of Auckland.

The vessel will be fogged again this week before coming in to port as per Ports of Auckland instructions.

The vessel will then be inspected by MPI who will decide what process it has to go through.

Current location of the Glovis Caravel.

Morning Christina

This vessel has been fogged and treated in Australia and is moving down the coast of Australia and is expected to be in Auckland around the 4th-5th March.

This vessel will need to be inspected by MPI on arrival, but at present the MOL are feeling happy about the vessel passing the inspection.

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Gita causes further delays

Mitsuki Osk Lines (MOL) has revealed a revised plan for the return of the Courageous Ace and Glovis Caravel to New Zealand.

The Courageous Ace and Glovis Caravel

Due to heavy swells from Cyclone Gita, fogging on the Courageous Ace has been delayed until tomorrow (23rd of February), three days later than previously anticipated.

Once fogging is complete, the Courageous Ace will set sail for Auckland. On arrival, the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) will investigate the vessel for Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB).

Glovis Caravel is currently en route to Auckland, and will be fogged by a fumigation company at sea off Auckland. Once fogging is complete, the car carrier will also be investigated for BMSB by the MPI.

Glovis Caravel’s current position – MarrineTraffic

Other affected vessels

Due to the increased threat posed by BMSB, the MPI now impose strict inspection on all car carriers arriving into New Zealand.

Consequently, shipping companies are unable to release any shipments until the MPI approves discharge operations.

The Tokyo Car has been in the Port of Auckland since Tuesday, with no movement.  The Morning Menad, another vehicle carrier, arrived on the same day, with unfortunately no movement on this ship as well.

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