Mevo gets 250k investment from Z Energy

New Zealand’s first electric on-demand car rental company has secured a quarter of a million-dollar investment from Z Energy, and will use the funds to expand its Wellington fleet to 50 vehicles.

Kiwi EV on-demand car rental company Mevo has been in operation since late last year, and provides on-demand transport with a network of hybrid Audi e-trons. members can book, lock and unlock the vehicles using the company’s app, which connects securely to the onboard security system.

The Mevo founders Erik Zydervelt and Finn Lawrence.

Mevo users can pay anywhere from hourly to yearly fees for use of the service.

Co-founder of Mevo Erik Zydervelt, said the investment from Z Energy indicates his companies vision is a viable in the long term.

“We’re excited to have forward-thinking partners who support our mission to not only lower carbon emissions, but to increase the livability of Wellington by reducing the number of cars on the road. We are leading the change in the car-sharing industry, not only in New Zealand but globally,” Zydervelt said.

Z Energy chief executive Mike Bennetts said that his company’s investment is the latest in a series of moves Z is making to provide environmentally sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.

“We are proud to support and invest in a New Zealand company helping change how people get around.”

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